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The androgenetic alopecia is a progressive condition that causes thinning/miniaturization of the hair. Meaning that the hair shaft becomes smaller in thickness and shorter in length, leading to follicle contraction until eventually there is no more production of hairs and consequently the hair loss is established.

As the name suggests, it is a disorder related to sex hormones (androgens) and determined by the genetic profile. 

There are several substances to treat androgenetic baldness/alopecia, and each person may respond differently to them according to his/her own characteristics.

And since each patient is unique to us, the Master Group Hair Clinic brought the cutting-edge in biogenetic technology to help his patients fight male and female baldness, it is the TrichoTest.


 What is the TrichoTest?

TrichoTest is a test that evaluates your DNA and the genes related to alopecia.

In the test, the mutations are evaluated within your genome in order to find out which are the most effective active principles/substances to fight alopecia in your particular case.


How is the test performed? 

Firstly the medical doctor will perform the patient’s examination, then a brief questionnaire is filled and the saliva sample is collected. In a few weeks, the doctor receives the results of the test with the list of the substances, based on your genome, that will work the best in the hairloss treatment. Finally, with this information the doctor will prescribe your personalized treatment.

Why should I do the TrichoTest?

It allows to precisely select the most effective active principles (substances) for the treatment of alopecia – saving time and money in treatments that you may not respond well:

  • t’s non-invasive;
  • It’s a reliable treatment;
  • It’s valid for life;
  • It’s a personalized treatment that differs for each patient.

TrichoTest is now available in the Master Group Hair Clinic! 

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