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The FUE technique is a minimally invasive, scar-free hair transplant technique, with a very short recovery time that provides excellent and absolutely natural results.

The FUE unit extraction is done using the latest techniques that harvest hairs/follicular units individually (one by one) from the donor area. These hairs/follicular units will then be implanted carefully into the recipient site (bald area). Once the follicular units are rooted in the recipient site the hair will keep on growing naturally.


The state-of-art in Hair Restoration Surgery

Our aim is to restore the hair appearance, giving back self-esteem to people that is suffering from hair loss.

The FUE hair transplant is a surgical procedure, performed in an operating theatre specially prepared for it.

So, all the patients need to do some pre-operative tests (blood tests and an electrocardiogram). In order to obtain a satisfactory result from the hair transplant is vital to evaluate the general health of the patient and the causes of the hair loss before performing the surgery.

Each step of the process, from the initial consultation, to the actual procedure and follow-up care, is performed exclusively by the Master Group’s medical doctors. Our practice is exclusively dedicated to treating male and female hair loss.

Each case of hair loss is unique, so our experienced doctors will analyze your case during the consultation and the appropriate treatment will be proposed to fit your needs giving the best possible results.


Without sutures or scars and the most natural possible 

The donor area remains scar free and recovers quickly. The patient is able to wear a very short hair cut as the milimetric whitish dots that can remain in the donor area are very discrete and undetectable.

In order to obtain a good FUE surgery outcome with natural results every detail has to be taken into account. It is very important to create an irregular, non-straight hairline with progressive density that grows smoothly. The surgeon’s aesthetic perception is mostly important, as the implanted area such as the hairline design must be well balanced and compatible with the patient’s type of face, sex, skin tone and age. 

We use the most advanced technology available to provide sophistication and perfection to our results. The surgery is performed in a certified clinic.

A local anesthetic is applied in the treated area and a light oral anxiolytic (Valium) is given right before the surgery.

The procedure lasts, on average, six hours. No bandages are used. After the procedure, the patient is free to carry on with his (or her) normal daily activities. The doctor will specify the after-care instructions including special wash, medications and the few restrictions during recovery.


Safe, pain free, quick and effective

Approximately 80% of the hair transplants fall out after three to four weeks postoperatively. The hair follicles fall out but the roots remain in the scalp. The new hairs will start growing after three months of the shedding. As the transplanted hairs do not have the genetic code for baldness, they will never fall out. Therefore the result of your hair transplant is life-long.

We are proud to offer our patients the State-of-the-art in hair restoration surgery.

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