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The Master Group is a pioneer medical in Portugal in the treatment of baldness and hair loss. We have created a unique medical protocol to ensure maximum and lasting results through the combination of advanced regenerative medicine and capillary surgery. We are proud to offer our patients the most complete solution for the treatment of baldness.

In our clinical practice, it is not uncommon to receive patients who have already performed several hair transplants in other clinical and still unsatisfied. Baldness is progressive, and in many cases doing only a transplant is not sufficient. We must also take care of hair, that still exist, to reduce the need for other surgeries. To ensure a complete and lasting results, we must also treat the follicles that are subject to the balding process. How? Through stimulation of stem cells by means of vitamins and proteins, by medical treatment, among others procedures.

In our medical protocol, we start by assessing the health of the scalp, to set, before any procedure, all the causes involved in hair loss. For this, still we require blood tests and other medical tests, when we deem necessary.

Treatment is always individualized, because each case has specific indications. Surgery is not always indicated.

In short, the Master Group Medical Protocol follows the following order:

  • Scalp Rating
  • Blood tests
  • Diagnosis of the baldness type 
  • Treatment: it may be clinical (PRP masterly formulations developed tailor, hair mesotherapy, oral drugs for the prevention of hair loss), or medical / surgical (hair transplant + personalized medical treatment)


Our main goal is the satisfaction of our patients.

When looking for the hair transplant surgery, many patients are concerned about the amount of hair or follicles to be implanted. Know that quantity does not equal quality. We are not an assembly line and even less, a supermarket that buy x hair follicles.

Capillary surgery is much more than remove and place hair, so do not be fooled by numbers. The quality of a hair transplant is much more connected to the correct distribution of hair than only the amount of implanted follicles: it takes aesthetic sense to define the boundaries of the front line; the distribution of hair should follow direction that vary from person to person; the natural look is recreated through the implantation of hair follicles in strategic positions in the bald areas.

There are clinics that promise large amount of follicles but, not rarely, those surgery is not performed entirely by medical personnel. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, and should only be performed by qualified physicians for this purpose.

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