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Also known as LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy), low frequency laser is used to stimulate the growth of the hair affected by baldness.

Their action takes place through the stimulation of ATP (energy molecule), resulting in an increase in cell proliferation in the hair root (bulge), increasing the growth rate of the strands and increasing the hair thickness. This phenomenon is called bio stimulation.


The lllt in hair loss prevention and supplement to transplant hair

The LLLT is used in the prevention of hair loss and early treatment thereof. Postoperatively of hair transplants can also be used as adjuvant treatment, as well as stimulate the transplanted hair, has anti-inflammatory action.

Importantly, this treatment does not born hair in bald areas, only improves the quality of existing hair. 

Only the hair transplant is able to create new hair growth in bald areas with permanent effect and effective results.

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