We believe that continuous education of our team is vital to promote a better service to our patients. It allows us to review protocols, learn about new tendencies and techniques of hair loss treatments, constantly improving our work for the benefit of our patients. This way we guarantee that we offer a service of excellence and ensuring the best possible outcome. For this reason, despite the high volume of work, we do our best to be present in all relevant congresses in the hair field.


6th Trichology Simposium (Laboratórios Ducray, Hospital CUF Descobertas), Lisboa – Portugal 2016

During the 23 and 24 September was held the 6th Symposium of Trichology in Lisbon. The topics were very interesting, among others the Trichoscopy course and histopathology of the hair were highlights of this important meeting which was very enriching.



6th Brazilian Congress of Hair Restoration - Curitiba 2016

It was with great pleasure that Master Group represented by Dr. Flavia Barsali, participated in the 6th Brazilian Congress of Hair Restoration, with two lectures on: Manual FUE Hair Transplant and FUE Mega Manual -sessions: "A One-Day or Two-Day Procedure? Dr. Barsali also participated in a roundtable about planning and strategies in FUE. The congress took place in Curitiba, Brazil between 24th and 27th of August 2016. We appreciate the invitation for participating!


ISHRS 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting, Chicago – USA 2015

Between 9th and 13th September gathered in the United States, the best experts in hair transplants and treatments at the most important annual event of this medical field. Our team was represented by Dr. Flavia Barsali and Dra. Mariana Alves, who seized the opportunity to discuss hair treatment techniques and increase their already extensive knowledge in the area.




ISHR 15th Internacional Congress, Sicília – Itália 2014

From 26 to 29th June 2014, the Master Group team, represented by Dr. Flavia Barsali, participated in the XV International Congress of the Italian Society of Hair Restoration (ISHR). The Congress was held in Siracusa (Sicily - Italy) and gathered leading dermatologists and surgeons in the hair field. It was a very enriching meeting, which enabled a broad exchange of experiences among the participants, including new technologies in the hair surgery.



ISHRS 20th Annual Scientific Meeting, Paradise Island - Bahamas 2012

The 20th Congress of the International Society of Hair Reconstruction Surgery was held in Bahamas from 17 to 20 October 2012. The Master Group team was represented by Dr. Mariana Alves, who in addition to enrich our know-how of technical tools and scientific knowledge, it was placed in a very special enviroment quite heavenly, inspiring the aesthetic sense that is so precious in this medical area.



Simposium de Tricologia (Laboratórios Ducray, Medinfar, Hospital CUF Descobertas), Lisboa – Portugal 2011s.

In September 2011 the CUF Descobertas Hospital Dermatology Centre, Ducray and Medinfar Laboratory conducted the "Symposium of Trichology» in Lisbon. The trichology, branch of medicine that deals with all diseases of the scalp and hair, was the main subject of this meeting, where the many causes of baldness and respective therapeutic approaches were discussed. Dra. Barbara Costa, Dra. Flávia Barsali and Dra. Mariana Alves attended the meeting.



EMAA 7th European Congress, Paris – França 2011.

The EMAA (European Masters in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine) is one of the most important international meeting in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging fields. During the seventh edition of this meeting, in October 2011, the first IHSMC (International Hair Surgery Master Course) was held. Dra. Barbara Costa and Dr.Flavia Barsali attended this course.



ISHR 13th Internacional Congress, Capri – Itália 2010

In 2010, between 20th and 22nd May, took place on the picturesque island of Capri, Italy, the 13th Congress of the "Societa Italiana Per La Cura and Chirurgia Delle Calvizie." The ISHR (Italian Society for Hair Restoration) is one of the most important European companies in the field of restoration and hair care, recognized due to the extensive work in scientific research it promotes in this area. This conference gave us the opportunity to review colleagues, exchange experiences and new ideas about the surgery and treatment of baldness. Dr. Flavia Barsali and Dra. Mariana Alves attended this congress.



ISHRS 18th Annual Scientific Meeting, Boston - USA 2010

The 18th Congress of the International Society of Hair Reconstruction Surgery in 2010 was held in Boston, USA. It was a very interesting meeting that helped to create a network of contacts and discuss treatments with the most recognized experts in the field. This event was attended by Dr. Barbara Costa, Dr. Flávia Barsali and Dr. Mariana Alves.



ISHRS 17th Annual Scientific Meeting, Amsterdão – Holanda 2009

The ISHRS is the most important medical society regarding the hair surgery and baldness cure worldwide. The 17th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Reconstruction Surgery took place this time in Europe, in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. This scientific meeting enabled the acquisition of new knowledge related to hair care. Dr. Barbara Costa and Dr. Flavia Barsali attended this meeting.



ESHRS 12th Live Workshop & Congress, Lisboa - Portugal 2009

In 2009, ESHRS (European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) held in Lisbon, the 12th Annual Congress and Live Surgery Workshop. Besides the discussion of most important topics in Hair Transplant Surgery, the meeting provided the participants the unique opportunity to watch the best hair surgeons in action through the "Live Surgery Workshop". It also promoted the interaction and exchange of experiences between colleagues around the world. Dr. Barbara Costa and Dr.Flavia Barsali attended this event.



ISHRS 16th Annual Scientific Meeting, Montreal – Canadá 2008

The ISHRS annual congress is one of the largest and most important events in hair transplant in the world and brings together hundreds of doctors from various countries. In September 2008 it held the 16th annual scientific meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in Canada. This event was attended by Dr. Barbara Costa.




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