Microneedling - Hair Treatment

We call microneedling a medical biostimulation procedure in which we multipunches the dermis (skin) at great speed.

Microneedling advantages

For microneedling, Master Group uses DermaPen, a medical device that performs fractional dermal stimulation at different skin levels, stimulating the production of collagen and opening microchannels in the epidermis to penetrate the active principles. With the high speed of micropunctions the procedure is fast, effective and less painful.

Another important advantage of this technique is its action on the scalp and hair. Several studies have demonstrated that microneedling stimulates stem cells and induces the activation of growth factors, which translates into an increase in hair growth rate and strengthening.


Microneedling for Hair


Mechanisms by which microneedling acts on hair growth:

  • Release of platelet growth factors;
  • Epidermal growth factors are increased through platelet activation and tissue regeneration;
  • Activation of stem cells in the bulge area) generated by trauma to the dermis;
  • Increased expression of genes related to hair growth (VEGF, B catenin, Wnt3a and Wnt10b).


We consider microneedling a very useful tool in capillary stimulation mainly when combined with other hair treatments, especially Mesotherapy Hair and PRP.

Come to us and ask for a capillary evaluation with the team of the Master Group, your satisfaction is our goal.


Microneedling Indications:

  • Loss of hair
  • Fine and fragile hair
  • Female and male Alopecia

Contraindications and risks:

  • Collagenous diseases 
  • Coagulopathies
  • Active infections in the treated area
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Healing problems
  • Psychiatric Problems
  • Unrealistic expectations