Clinic treatments or Hair Transplant?

Over the years, both men and women are losing density in the scalp due to hair loss. We believe that each case must be individually evaluated in a medical consultation, and a personalized treatment be proposed (clinical and / or surgical), according to the case.

During the consultation we request some tests to assess the general health state of the patient and also to search for possible causes of hair loss.

Our team recommends the hair transplant surgery only if it is indicated, as we aim the best treatment to the patient. If surgical treatment is indicated patient can then schedule the FUE procedure. Sometimes the surgeon prescribes hair treatments that can be performed before or concomitant with the hair transplant.


Medical and personalized support throughout the hair loss treatment

There are several causes for hair loss: medication, stress, heredity, among others. Furthermore patients have different characteristics, which should be evaluated and taken into account by a qualified professional.

We offer the possibility of making a pre-assessment online, simply and free consultation. Nonetheless, it is essential to carry out an in-person consultation in order to do an appropriate evaluation and establish a relationship of trust between our medical team and the patient. This way we can determine which treatment is more suitable for each situation, discuss and clarify eventual questions and most importantly adjust expectations.


Strong Hair


Factors to consider in the choice of treatment or hair transplantation:

  • Genre
  • Age
  • Natural hair color
  • Hair type (straight, wavy, curly)
  • Hair density in the bald area
  • Thickness of the hair in the donor area
  • Since when the hair loss began
  • How was the hair loss progression (slow and gradual or rapid / sudden)
  • Areas affected by hair loss
  • Use of previous treatments
  • Concomitant diseases