Scar Camuflage

It is normal that scars appear after physical trauma or surgery such as face liftings, hair transplantation using the strip technique, among others.

Sometimes these scars are visible and unaesthetically, causing discomfort to the patient.



The Hair Transplant can be the solution 

If the scar is located in a part of the body that naturally has hair, it is possible to “camouflage” it through hair transplantation. The hair is extracted from the scalp and inserted to the affected zone. For the success of the surgery it is important that the scar tissue has the necessary blood irrigation and the scar is not too extensive (in those cases we may have to do more than one procedure). These and other factors are evaluated by the physician during the in person examination in order to determine the viability of the hair transplantation to the scarred area.

The scars due to inflammatory and self-immune diseases normally do not have indication for hair transplantation.