Hair Transplant or Implant?

Although the terms "Hair Transplant" and "Hair Implant" are used interchangeably, we should clarify that there is an important difference between the two techniques.


The Hair Implant it is one technique that uses Artificial Hair 

Implant relates to a medical device manufactured to replace or act as biological structure in the body. So Hair Implant is an artificial hair made with biocompatible synthetic material. Despite the Hair Implant can offer satisfactory results in the short term, over time the body expels the foreign element to the body, causing the implants to fall back. There is an average fiber loss of approximately 10% per year. Furthermore it is necessary to make a prior allergy test, and if well tolerated, it will always require special care: with chlorine pool, with dyes, with the haircut choice because it is an artificial hair fiber which does not grow, etc.


The Hair Transplant uses hair from the patient

Avoid risks of rejection 

Transplant is to harvest an organ, a tissue or blood products from a donor and surgically placing them into a recipient. If they are placed in another subject it’s called a heterologous transplant if placed in the same individual it is an autologous transplant.

The Cardiac Transplantation is an example of heterologous transplant and Hair Transplant is an example of autologous transplantation.


Hair Transplant or Implant?


What are the differences between Hair Implant and Hair Transplant?



Hair Implant

Hair Transplant



















* With the pool chlorine, with the dyes, and in hair cutting choice because it is a hair that does not grow, etc.


Hair Transplants: safe, permanent and natural

In Hair Transplant hair are removed from the zone resistant to balding process of the scalp of the patient, to be deployed in the region where there is a reduction of density or total absence of hair (bald area). As in the Hair Transplant hair are the patient's own, there is no risk of rejection, and the result will remain for life, with absolutely natural look.